The Thin Wall

The Thin Wall is only 1" thick!

You can easily add a thin wall between or to the side of standard or MAX frames, giving you a host of options on how to use the thin walls.

Examples of The Thin Wall in use

The Thin Wall can be configured:


  • Positioned flush with the front of other framework
  • From front view, cannot tell where thin wall exists
Inline Thin Wall Example


  • Positioned flush with the rear of other framework
  • From front view, appears recessed from other framework
Alcove Thin Wall Example

Half Wall

  • At 48" high the half wall makes a great end cap for displays
  • Perfect for creating sections, dividers, conference areas & more
MultiQuad thin wall in half height

Thin Walls can save you money

Looking at this exhibit from the front, it is impossible to tell the difference between a standard frame and a thin wall frame, since they both hold Quads the same way. However when you look at it from behind, it looks very different as shown below.

Can you tell where the thin wall is?

See the depth difference

This top view of the thin wall shows you the depth difference between a standard or MAX framework to that of a 1" thin wall.