The Ladder Mount

Add up to six 19" monitors to your MultiQuad with only one monitor mount!

The Standard Ladder Mount for your MultiQuad allows you to expand your visibility with more monitors. The Ladder Mount allows you to hold up to three horizontally positioned 19" monitors per 1x4 MAX frame or two 22" vertically positioned ones. If you upgrade to the Premium Ladder Mount you can add an equal amount of monitors on the back side for a double sided display.

You decide how to use the Ladder Mount. Add two on one side and one on the other, or use just one side at a time. The flexibility of the Ladder Mount gives you various options for expanding the use of your MultiQuad exhibit.

Vertical positioned monitors

Secure and easy setup

Ladder Mount easily attaches to the inside of your MultiQuad frame and securely holds 19" monitors on each side (premium model only).

The example shown to the left shows the Ladder Mount in place on an exposed (no Quads) 1x4 MAX frame. The Ladder Mount is available for the 1x4 or 2x4 MAX frames (23" deep).

Ladder Mount for MultiQuad

Consider the possiblites

Use a single 1x4 MAX frame as an independent station or combine with other framework to build a larger exhibit.

Examples of how to use the Ladder Mount