Locking Storage

MAX Locking Storage

MultiQuad Lockable Storage

Are you worried about theft during shows?

With the high cost of replacing electronics, tablets and other devices you need a secure storage solution during shows. With our new Lockable Storage, you can discreetly store your purses, personal belongings, tablets, or show giveaways. Our new lockable storage units come in Max and Standard depths. They are more versatile than ever, fitting within several podium styles or within the wall of your exhibit itself. Keep your items conveniently secured.

MQ-LSI - $300
1x1 Standard
Locking Storage Insert
MQX-LSI - $350
1x1 MAX
Locking Storage Insert


  • Available in MAX and Standard Sizes

  • Easy Setup

    The Locking Storage box can be constructed in seconds without the use of any tools.

  • Fully Collapsible

    Dismantles and collapses to approximately 4" high.

  • Locking Door

    Die-cast zinc cam locks with key entry.

  • Durable

    Constructed with 1/4" ABS plastic

  • Versatile

    Compatible with all MultiQuad Components

  • Discreet

    Hidden out of view behind graphics.

  • Easy to Ship

    Fits into ExpoDisplays SC50 cases that abides by UPS and FedEx shipping guidelines.

MultiQuad Locking Strorage Features
Triple Locking Podiums

Triple Podium with Locking Storage

Combine multiple podiums together as needed and maximize your storage options with lockable storage in each.

See Podium Packing in Action

Get a better understanding of how the podium is constructed and packed with this quick animation.